Zach Cooper

Historic drawing of 3929 Lorain Avenue

3929 Lorain Ave - Sartorial

Project location

Cleveland, OH

Project phase

Community review

What's in the Works

The ground floor and basement will be occupied by the owner/operator for the retail store (Sartorial). While the space will have a bar, the atmosphere will be more comparable to a social club/lounge than it would be at a traditional bar. In addition to the bar itself, there will be a pool table, golf simulator, darts etc. to provide an element of entertainment. Upstairs will have just over 1700 square feet of commercial tenant space (still looking for a tenant).

Although the parking lot is small, it will be essential for pre-booked clients, drop-off/pick-up for wedding parties, shipments and deliveries, etc as well as the single apartment unit upstairs which will be owner-occupied.

As a prior service Marine, I plan to accept used garments (serviceable garments) in exchange for a discount on new purchases. This inventory of second-hand apparel will become inventory for job assistance programs for local Veterans. The plan is to bring in folks who are transitioning out of service into civilian life, out of addiction programs or homelessness services, and get them into a fresh garment as well as getting some head shots, resume review, job coaching etc.

What's There Now

The Bodnar Funeral Home is an existing building that has been vacant since the funeral home closed. The site is in a historic district.

What's Happening Next

The project team is going through city permitting, zoning, and additional reviews. Zach Cooper presented at OCI's November Community meeting (click here for the recording of the meeting).

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Public Benefits

Historic Preservation

The Bodnar Funeral Home building will be rehabilitated. The building dates back to at least the 1890s.

Community Investment

Locally owned retail store


Retail space for the men's clothing shop and a future tenant upstairs to be determined.


Located on the #22 bus, which operates at a 15-minute frequency.

Event Space

Space for the pre-wedding hangout will include a small bar, a pool table, a barber chair, and a golf simulator.


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